New drawing

August 23, 2010


Drawing concept

August 20, 2010

Concept for a drawing that I will probably never draw.  :P

Latte sketches

August 20, 2010

Sketches of my character, Latte.  :)

New sketches

August 20, 2010

These are sketches of characters for my story idea, Potential.

I’ve come across this amazing website that is designed to help people who really need it.  People who have lost their jobs, used up their unemployment, had their cars broke down, etc. etc.  And the Microgiving staff require documents and information to prove there is a legitimate need, so you know that the people you donate to really do need help and that your money is going to a great cause.  :)

If you need help, you can create a recipient account or if you would like to help others, you can create a donor account.  It’s a very easy to use website and you can donate any amount that you want whether it’s $1 or $100.