Some horse sket…

June 18, 2012


Some horse sketches and a couple of rough drawings of giant rabbit mounts (lagers) with their riders. All done with a pencil, and the rabbits were shaded in Photoshop.



This is an original character of mine from my story, Potential. She has blue skin and smokes a pipe.  :)

Cliff – Sketches

April 19, 2012

This is Cliff, one of my lager characters. He’s viscious and often gets in fights with other lagers who annoy him.

These creatures are lagers and are like giant rabbits that people can ride around on (like horses). These are some of the earliest sketches I did of them. I’d show the even older ones, but they suck and I’m embarrassed to show them to anyone.  :P

Ryan and Rukh – Sketch

November 24, 2010